FENUGREEK – வெந்தயம் – METHI

வெந்தயம் (In Tamil)- FENUGREEK ( In English) – METHI (In Hindi)

FENUGREEK Spices are the most important ingredients in our delicious and tasteful cooking in India. Most of the time we know the word in Tamil but we don’t the word in English and also some times vice versa. It is also very difficult for our Indians aboard to get the spices in stores due to this problem. Let’s move this hurdle aside. Here we will see today about

Some Medicinal facts about FENUGREEK

  • Tea made from the seeds is used in the Near East to treat various kidney, heart, abdominal illnesses and Diabetes
  • Seeds are used by Bedouin women to strengthen pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • About 2-3g of raw fenugreek seeds are swallowed early in the morning with warm water, before brushing the teeth and before drinking tea or coffee, where they are supposed to have a therapeutic and healing effect on joint pains, without any side effects.
  • Fenugreek is frequently used in the production of flavoring for artificial maple syrups

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