CLOVE – கிராம்பு / லவங்கம் – Laung

கிராம்பு / லவங்கம் (Tamil) – CLOVE (English) – Laung (Hindi)

Clove – Smaller in size but greater in aromatic and spice and medicinal facts. Another remarkable spice in our food varieties. All our food which needs masala, clove will be present in that.  Unavoidable spice of our Indian foods. We can also say clove is an important spice for cooking and adding flavor to meats, curries, and meat marinades. They create sweet dishes with fruits like apples or pears. The apple pie is one of the important ones which needs clove and cinnamon to prepare. Likewise, most Indian recipes uses clove for its aroma and for medicinal facts.

Some Medicinal facts about CLOVES

  • The oil is as an anodyne for dental emergencies.
  • Also to a cavity in a decayed tooth, relieves toothache.
  • The essential oil is in aromatherapy when stimulation and warming, especially for digestive problems.
  • Cloves may be internal as a tea and topically as an oil for hypotonic muscles, including for multiple sclerosis.
  • It may reduce blood sugar levels.
  • Clove oil is in the preparation for some toothpaste, laxative pills.
  • Also, Clovacaine solution which is a local anesthetic and used in oral ulceration and anti-inflammations.

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